7 reasons to open safe, every day

Policy Documents

Up-to-date Policy Documents, procedures, reporting and programs in place for safe business operations.

Automatically receive up-to-date policy documents for safe work practices that are industry specific to the food and beverage sector, so business owners don’t need to worry about the hassle and time consuming navigation through reopening documents and updates.

It's free

Business owners in the food and beverage industry can access this COVID-19 relaunch program, which normally costs $495 per year, for free. This gives them the support they need to reopen in a safe and sustainable manner, as well as provides them a tool that can ease the pain and stress of time-consuming, mandatory planning, so they can focus on reopening and operations.


Self-assessment system allowing workers access to a questionnaire (COVID-19) based on the health services questions from any mobile device.

Have your employees complete a daily mandatory health self-assessment and receive report notifications on results.

Digital Reporting

Digital reporting and management system for Safe Work Practices based on government guidelines.

Get rid of the paperwork, and access all event reporting in an easy to use digital format.

Workplace Culture

Create a workplace culture that has safety top of mind.

Employees will feel good about coming to work, knowing that the business they work for cares about their safety and wellbeing.

Patron Experience

Your patrons can get peace of mind knowing they are visiting a safe establishment.

Give your patrons the confidence to continue visiting your establishment.

Quick Onboarding

A quick and easy onboarding experience.

Onboard your business in under an hour to access a safe work solution to open your business safely, without the added stress.


The day starts and ends in the kitchen.  It seems to always be a meeting place for visitors - family get-togethers, or the group of kids your teen brought home from school; where your toddler sits to wash their hands for dinner, or where you try to perfect your grandmas secret baking recipe.  Kitchens don’t make memories, but the people who surround you in it definitely do.  A warm, inviting, and spacious kitchen is a dream and we can help you start making more memories in yours.


Your bathroom can be your own personal retreat at the end of a long day. It doesn’t have to be a large room, but even small changes can be extremely soothing and calming.


The basement may be the biggest untapped jewel in your home.  It’s a blank space with so many options: added bedroom, media room, more storage, larger laundry space.  A basement can provide up to ½ of your overall square footage and is just waiting to be put to good use.